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Upcoming Events

Tox-Away Day

When: Saturday, August 17th, 2019 – 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Where: Those participating should enter at Memorial Park Main Entrance at Hwy 3 North and 100 North in New Castle. Please Follow our Signs to the North Gate of the Henry County Highway Dept.

Hazardous Waste: We will accept free of charge up to 10 gallons of the following: household cleaners, flammables, pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, acids and bases, corrosives, aerosols, oil filters, antifreeze, brake fluids, cleaners, auto, household and rechargeable batteries, fluorescent and CFL bulbs and oil base paints. We also accept up to 10 gallons of used motor oil.

Tires: We accept:
6-auto tires…free *additional $2.00 each
4-semi tires…free *additional $5.00 each
**Any tires larger than 54″ will be $75.00

(TV’S – $5.00 each) 
remotes, computers, laptops, servers, monitors, mouse, keyboards, all computer parts, computer peripherals, all types of external drives, printers, copiers, fax, scanners, VCR’s, DVD’s, video game consoles, phones, cell phones, typewriters, cash registers, networking equipment, satellite dishes, cable boxes, projectors, vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, coffee makers, blenders, hair dryers, holiday lights, radios, clocks, heaters & cameras.
Also, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners (*removal of CFC’s tagging is not required), water heaters, dehumidifiers, water heaters & microwave ovens.

Onsite Document Shredding Event

When: To Be Announced

Where: To Be Announced