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To ensure that all Henry County residents realize the value of our environment and its resources, the district provides a variety of educational activities, programs and services.  These are provided for residents of Henry County for the annual fee of $12.00.

ReUse Center

Open to educators, home-schoolers, non-profits, churches, and local agencies. We stock unwanted, overstocked, or by-product materials from business, industry, and residents.  We have hundreds of items including food-grade buckets, office supplies, craft supplies, egg cartons, glass jars, wrapping paper, and much more!!  All items are free of charge!

Public Recycling

There are 7 recycling sites throughout Henry County.

  • Lewisville – behind the fire station at 302 North Market Street.
  • Middletown – behind Municipal Building. on Locust Street.
  • Mooreland – behind former grocery store on corner of Mills Street & Cory Street
  • New Castle – New Castle Transit Station 201 South 25th Street Hours Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm
  • New Lisbon – beside Fire Department/Post Office on Wilbur Wright Road/500 South
  • Mt. Summit – back of the Mt. Summit Park on the south side of lot/east of park, behind the old school building at School and Walnut Streets.
  • Springport – lot across from Post Office on Main Street.

Electronic Recycling

We are able to collect electronics year around at the district office.  *See list of what can be dropped off at 1121 Broad Street, New Castle, IN Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

Used Household Battery Sites

There are 2 sites in Henry County to drop off used batteries.  You may drop off AA, AAA, C, D & 9 volt batteries as well as battery packs for power tools ONLY at the following sites:

  • Spiceland Town Hall – container sits on the front porch area facing east
  • District Office– 1121 Broad Street, New Castle, IN – batteries must be brought inside the district office

Household Hazardous Waste Program

  • Tox-Away Day (Please check our Events Page for the date and a list of acceptable items)
  • We accept portable helium tanks and small propane canisters (camp stove type) at the district office.
  • We ONLY accept small amounts of household chemicals at the district office on an EMERGENCY basis.  You must call the office to make arrangements and will be asked to sign a form as well as provide proof of home ownership

Lightbulb recycling

  • District Office– 1121 Broad Street, New Castle, IN – all CFL’s, Fluorescents and LED’s must be brought into the district office. 


  • Please bring to the Tox-Away Day (Please check our Events Page for the date and a list of acceptable items)

Environmental Education Programs for the Classroom and Events

  • Recycled Journals
  • Recycled Hats
  • Incredible Edible Landfill
  • Vermi-Composting
  • Environmental Bingo
  • Solar Ovens
  • Clear Stream Recycling Container Loan-Out Program
  • Tree Planting Program

Education Station: Environmental Education Resource Library for Educators

Materials (books, games, activities) available to Henry County Educators for the purpose of educating our youth on the following subjects: Principals of Recycling (the 3 r’s), Renewable and Non-Renewable Natural Resources, and the Identification and Proper Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste, and more.

*Henry County SWMD partners with Healthy Communities for the Annual Tree Give-Away Program each year.  Trees are purchased from the Indiana State Nursery.  Henry County residents may contact the district office the first week in April. The tree give-away is handled on a First Come, First Served basis.